2019-20 School Family Fundraising Requirements

In order to maintain low tuition fees, each St. Christopher School family is required to raise $275 in fundraising. Only events held in the 2020-2021 school year can be applied. If the $275 fundraising obligation is not met by April 1, 2021, families must pay the difference owed. Payment can be made by cash/check.

Families will have opportunities throughout the year to fulfill their obligation through participation in various school sponsored fundraisers. Some of the fundraisers for the 2020-21 school year are listed below. For the latest information, please contact the school office.:

  • October 17: St. Christopher 5K Walk/Run
    Due to the prevalence of COVID-19 in our area,a the St. Christopher 5K Walk/Run has been cancelled for 2020. It will be back for next year.
  • Charleston Wrap Fundraiser
    • Over 150+ items! Including gift wraps, housewares, candy, jewelry, etc.!!
    • 40% Credit toward your fundraising obligation
    • Online sales available too.
    • For further information, please see our Charleston Wrap Flyer.
  • Spring Time: Yankee Candle
    • Your order will be received through the school, 40% of your purchase will be credited towards your fundraising obligation!
    • Make excellent gifts and easy to buy.
    • If unsatisfied with the scent, take it to one of their stores and exchange it for a new one at no additional cost!!

Additional fundraisers may be added throughout the year that will count towards the fundraising obligation. Information about these will be sent home as it becomes available including dates and percentage earned.

If a family does not want to participate in the fundraisers they will have the opportunity to pay the $275 up front at Book Day. This payment is nonrefundable and can be paid by cash/check. If the family participates in any of the planned fundraisers, profits will not be back credited to their obligation.

A report stating fundraising obligation balances will be sent to families during the school year.