2021-22 Tuition and Fees

Below are listed our tuition and fees for the 2021-22 school year. Additionally, please note that we offer tuition assistance scholarships based on financial need. At St. Christopher, we are committed to insure that our school is affordable for ALL families. We do not have separate parishioner and non-parishioner tuition schedules, but are happy to offer all of our families the same tuition rates.

The family registration fee is $100 (non-refundable). There will be no increase in the fundraising obligation for next year, it will remain at $275 per family. There are a number fundraisers and events that families can use to fulfill this requirement. Further information can be found on the fundraising information page.

If you have any questions about our financial aid program or any other issues, please contact the school office at 708-385-8776 or info@stchrisschool.org.

Tuition rates for the 2021-22 school year

Number of Children Attending Annual Tuition Combined Fees Total
Tuition + Fees
Monthly payments
(12 months)*
One child grades K-8 $4,772 $435 $5,207 $433.95
Two children grades K-8 $7,532 $870 $8,402 $700.20
Three children grades K-8 $10,092 $1,305 $11,397 $949.77
Four children grades K-8 $11,357 $1,740 $13,097 $1,091.40
Five children grades K-8 $12,480 $2,175 $14,655 $1,221.25
Preschool, half-day $2,386 $170 $2,556 $213.02
Preschool, full-day $4,772 $170 $4,942 $411.87

*Families registered by May 15, 2021 are eligible for a 12-month payment plan. Registrations after this date will be put on 10- or 11-month payment plans according to the schedule below.

Number of Monthly Payments by Registration Date

Registration Date Number of Monthly Payments First Payment Month Last Payment Month
Before May 15, 2021 12 June, 2021 May, 2022
Between May 15 and June 15, 2021 11 July, 2021 May, 2022
After June 15, 2021 10 August, 2021 May, 2022