Our Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

St. Christopher Catholic School is committed to educate each child entrusted to our care to be a spiritual member of the Catholic faith, an academically successful student, a socially responsible citizen and a life-long learner by teaching the necessary knowledge and skills within a school that fosters excellence, mutual respect, creativity and the joy of learning with an effective, caring staff in partnership with the home and community.

Through our participation in the liturgical, sacramental, prayer and service life of the parish, we lead our school community to be an integral part of the larger community of St. Christopher Parish, the Archdiocese of Chicago, and the Universal Church.


St. Christopher School strives to prepare children for future academic excellence by providing a loving atmosphere with specifically state objectives using varied modes of instruction. The school strives to educate each child spiritually, socially and intellectually so that he may take his place in the world. Because each student is a unique gift of God, having different and varied needs, it’s in meeting these needs that the uniqueness of each child shall be enhanced and perpetuated.

Since the family is the prime educator and the school is an extension of the family, this extension encourages open communication and cooperation in student learning and school activities.

The school’s philosophy is state in the parent handbook. A parent meeting is held at the beginning of each school year to reinforce the school’s philosophy and to encourage home-school communication.

By providing examples of love, concern and respect in our own actions, the faculty believes that students will reflect Christian values and attitudes in their own behavior.