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Welcome to Ms. McDermott's Class! 

Meet the Teacher

Hello and welcome to fifth grade! I am very excited to be starting my second year here at St. Christopher School. I received a B.A. in Secondary Education with a content focus in English from St. Louis University. I have sought out continuing education courses to help me grow professionally. As a graduate of St. Christopher, this school has held a special place in my heart since I was a child. I am always impressed by the strength and determination of our parents, students, and staff to keep St. Chris growing.

January Update

Please remember to keep up-to-date on your child's progress using PowerSchool.

All supplies should be brought to school everyday to make sure your child is successful. School supplies may need to be replenished.

Here are some important dates to mark on the calendar for January 

Jan. 4: School resumes from break 

Jan. 11: Progress Reports go home 

Jan. 14: Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee 

Jan. 15: No school 

Jan. 21: Open House for Tax Credit Scholarship information

Jan. 28: Catholic Schools Week begins   

              4th/5th grade family mass, open house, and Scholastic book fair 

Jan. 31: Grandparents/Special persons Day 

Academic Updates


  • 5th grade is continuing to study fractions and mixed numbers.  
  • 4th grade is delving into data and probability.   
  • **Fourth and fifth graders will continue to take weekly times tests to practice their 0-12 multiplication facts. 


  • 5th grade is studying nouns and argumentative writing.  
  • 4th grade is exploring analytical expository writing.  


  • 5th grade is learning about the human body.    


  • 5th grade is focusing on the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.   


  • 5th grade will continue to follow the chapters in the spelling book and strengthen their phonics skills.

Additional Reminders

Fifth graders should remember to stay organized and study nightly to be successful in all subjects. Failure to turn in homework will result in a late notice. Please stay on top of the homework! Focusing in class is key! 

Specials Schedule

Monday: Computers                               

Tuesday:  P.E. (wear gym uniform)

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: P.E. (wear gym uniform)                                          

Friday: Library

Classroom Rules and Expectations
These rules and expectations are posted in the classroom. Students developed the rules themselves, outlining the areas they want to focus on this year. The students have signed the document and will be held accountable for these expectations. 

  • Be organized.
  • Listen to the teacher.
  • Be a good friend.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be quiet when others are speaking.
  • Play nice with others.
  • Raise your hand when you want to speak.
  • Be respectful of materials.
  • No tipping on the chairs.
  • Be positive!
  • Try your best!
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated. 

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Class Documents

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Book it! Reading Log Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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