Our Graduates

Since our humble beginnings as a small farming-community school in 1922, nearly 5,000 students have passed through our halls and graduated from our school. We are tremendously proud of the many diverse achievements of our graduates. St. Christopher School has a proven, demonstrated ability to provide an excellent foundation for our student's formative education years, encapsulating the entire educational experience in strong Christian values. In this manner we enable our graduates to achieve a high level of success in life, both inside and outside of the classroom.

We consistently hear strong positive feedback from the area high school that our graduates attend, informing us that our students are well prepared for the academic demands of secondary education. Our graduates consistently appear in honor roll lists from areas high school.

But don't take our word for it. Here are some comments from area high school principals and some of our recent graduates, in their own words:

Marist High School

"Marist High School draws from over 120 grammar schools and the students from St. Christopher have always stood out when it comes to Church and family values, academic dedication, and extracurricular involvement. Marist High School continues to relish the opportunity to work with the families of St. Christopher."
Larry Tucker, Principal

Student at Marist High School

…"St. Christopher is the sole reason that I’m as successful as I currently am at Marist High School. My grammar school teachers meticulously stressed how important it was to be organized and prepared. Our preparation for high school was their first priority. Because of the teachers at St. Christopher, my transition to high school was smooth and problem free. My time at St. Chris was the educational foundation that I needed to help me succeed in high school."
Forrest Olson, St. Christopher Class of 2005

Oak Forest High School

"The administration and faculty of Oak Forest High School appreciate the excellent preparation provided to the students by St. Christopher School. Strong academic performance and positive character are traits that we have come to associate with St. Christopher Graduates."
Dr. Beishuizen, Principal

Student at Brother Rice High School

…"When I walk down the halls at St. Chris, there’s always a smile on my face. I see students laughing and enjoying themselves and I know they are receiving the same great education I received. I now understand the sacrifice my parents made sending me to St. Christopher. A good education is the greatest gift you can give someone."
Connor Rutherford, St. Christopher Class of 2007